concrete sink floating

                                       10′ Long Concrete Lavatory with 5′ Long Wedge Trough Sink

Concrete Sink

Have you ever considered using concrete for your sink design? A Concrete sink can be cast with an endless choice of colors, texture, and shapes. At Massif Concrete, we have been designing and casting concrete sinks for over 10 years. Below are some common designs to consider.

Trough Sink

concrete trough sink

Concrete Trough sink – Wedge Shaped Basin

A concrete trough sink can be made with just about any basin design. This example shows a wedge style basin. We can also do square or round shapes sink basins within the trough area.

There are several options for drains on a wedge style concrete sink. Slotted drains are popular and we do those. However, we prefer a standard lavatory drain, cast within a flat area along the length of the sink as shown in the image on the left.


austin library concrete sink vanity








Vanity Sink

Concrete is a great match for many styles of vanities. A plain slab of concrete with a vessel sink of your choosing – or a vanity cast entirely of concrete. The sink basin is typical cast as one piece along with the top countertop surface – making it an integral sink.

Floating Sink

concrete sink floating

10′ long concrete lavatory with 5′ long wedge sink

Special considerations need to be taken when considering a floating concrete sink. One of the features of concrete is its scale of mass. It’s big, bold… and heavy!  Typically a third party engineer will need to design a supporting structure within the framework of the wall and floor. While we do not offer engineering services – we can work with your engineer or architect and follow their design specifications – providing sizes, connection interface detail, and weights for their review. The floating concrete sink example shown here weighed over 1,000 pounds!

austin library cement sink vanity

Austin Public Library Concrete Sink – Floating