Concrete Benches for Banning Justice Center in California

Our client GM Business Interiors was nice enough to send us photos of the final placement of our concrete benches in the new Banning Justice center in Riverside County, California. Thanks Guys!

We cast 26 benches for this project using Larry’s Garden Bench 48″x18″x18″ standard mold. Each bench is hand cast and sealed, which provides its own unique coloration and texture. These benches were cast as a custom color specified by the client to accent their existing concrete floors.

concrete bench banning justice center


Details of the Concrete Bench Project

We shipped 13 pallets total with 2 benches each weighing approximately 550 pounds each.We recommended the client have a forklift at delivery to facilitate unloading (which we coordinated with the freight company). We also quoted delivery service to include liftgate service – wherein the driver sets the pallets down for you at the curbside. It is then the clients responsibility to arrange movement from the curb /street and placement on location. Note – some cities and jurisdictions require street permits for this type of unloading and placement – please check your local code.

Concerns of the client:

Damage During Shipping –  We pack and ship heavy concrete elements all over the country and seldom, if ever, have a damage claim. We have a great relationship with our freight company and we protect the shipment in accordance with their packaging requirements. Therefore, if damage does occur, the freight company will be responsible. If any benches are damaged during shipment, we can produce them at a rate of approximately 4 per week plus one week for cure/seal, and shipping time.

Weight – The benches weigh approximately 250 pounds each. They can be lifted by two people but the geometry is cumbersome. If you are using manpower to place them, we would recommend using a four man lift scheme (space permitting), with each man on the end of a couple of ~4 foot long 2×4’s under each bench.

Chipping –  Note: Concrete is very strong and very hard but care must be taken when placement is on a hard surface floor.  Two hard surfaces coming together need special precautions during placement. If chipping does occur, repair can be done on site. We can also send color matched patch compound along with instructions on its use.

When you do final placement of the benches, they need to be set down with care to avoid chipping. The benches should be set down in a level attitude. This avoids chipping by putting too much weight on a corner or corners. Also, the benches should not be pushed or pulled across the floor. This avoids chipping as the front edges will inevitably catch and chip during movement.

One way to avoid chipping on placement is to initially place each end of the bench on 3/4″ thick wood strips (or foam or similar). Then with a bottle jack or floor jack and blocks, lift one end of the bench and remove the strips and carefully set down. Then lift the other end, remove strips and carefully set down.


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