Commercial Concrete Art: Bar Tops for Restaurants & Hospitality – Breweries – Wine Bars – Pizza Joints – Coffee Bars

Austin’s finest commercial architects, designers and general contractors rely on Massif Concrete for creating amazing concrete surfaces for bars, tables, sinks and countertops. From the Starbucks concept store at the W Hotel to the Four Seasons convention halls – Massif Concrete has done it all.

Please consider us when discussing options with your general contractor on your next restaurant, brewery, winery or pizza joint. We have been doing decorative concrete projects longer than anyone in Austin. We understand all things bar top related – Sealers – bar rails, glass rails, drip edges, wait stations and bar top wings.

Our Concrete Bar Top Projects can be found at Austin’s most popular venues. Coffee Bars, Conventional Hall Bars, Cocktail Bars, Breweries, Wineries and Wine Bars.

  • Starbucks Concept Store at the W Hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Journey Coworking
  • The Austin Winery
  • Alamo Draft House (The Ritz on 6th)
  • Pinthouse Pizza