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Concrete Planters for the Apocalypse

The Apocalypse Series of concrete planters looks great with succulents from Creative Branch out of Houston, Texas.

Creative Branch makes artificial plants that look like the real thing without the hassle:

Concrete Planter

Click to Enlarge – Concrete Planter













Big Red Sun is featuring our apocalyptic series at the East Austin Studio Tour this year.

a concrete planter with modern design inspired by the apocalypse

A lone survivor post annihilation

The 2Modern Blog says:  “This Apocalyptic line of vessels is gorgeous… we love the rough edges, the large and intense demeanor and frankly, how awesome these would look on a modern outdoor patio.”

Massif experimented with a new look for its standard concrete planters with The Apocalypse Series.

E.A.S.T. 2012 – East Austin Studio Tour

E.A.S.T. 2012  is in full swing this year, with more artists and more studios than ever before.

Visit Massif Concrete at 1406 Smith Rd for its second weekend of E.A.S.T, Nov 17 – 18.



The Massif workshop during EAST 2012

East Austin Studio Tour

Assorted planters, some with silk arrangements from Creative Branch

We Use The Best Concrete Sealer Money Can Buy


The concrete countertop sealer we use is called EAP and is made by  Kinloch here in Austin, Texas.

Re-applying sealer every year to concrete countertops used to be the case.  Within the last 5 years, newer sealer technology (like Kinloch USA) has eliminated the need for that.  You can read about the new sealer technologies at

The Concrete Network is our industry’s trade publication and the authority on all things decorative concrete – including concrete acid staining.

We have been using the Kinlock for over 4 years now and have never had one call back and never heard of anyone having to reseal it. 

Plus, it’s so hard and durable, that we can put it on thinner than most sealers and the satin finish resembles a beautiful hand rubbed beeswax look.

Cheaper sealers might have to be reapplied every year, but we only use high quality products.


From The Manufacturer:

EAP – Nanotechnology Surface Enhancer and Food Acid Etch-Proofing Sealer Stone and Concrete Countertop Fabricators and Decorative Concrete Flooring Professionals who want to prevent food-acid etching on masonry and marble surfaces depend on EAP.

Concrete art on display at East Austin Studio Tour

Click here to see the KLRU Collective interview with Larry Isgur about Massif Concrete at East Austin Studio Tour (EAST).